This Is Why Kim Kardashian Looks So Good In Swimwear

This Is Why Kim Kardashian Looks So Good In Swimwear

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Kim Kardashian has been going ham on the swimwear selfies this week (we probably would too if we hanging with all our BFFs in paradise).

Posing up a storm in Punta Mita, Mexico, she’s debuted dramatic cut out swimsuits, mix-and-match bikinis, and the new ‘naked’ trend.

Naturally, the reality star looked amazing in all of them. But it is slightly mind-boggling how every item managed to perfectly fit her, when most women with hourglass figures struggle to find swimwear that’s not too tight or loose somewhere.

Luckily, we’ve just discovered out her secret – customising.

Now we all know Kimmy K loves customised clothing (cases in point: this jacket covered in pictures of her own face and her one-of-a-kind thigh high Yeezy boots), and it turns out she gets her swimwear made to measure too.

The designer who made her white cut-out swimsuit, Kimberly Yohman of Kimi Kouture (we wonder why Kardashian is a fan…) revealed on Instagram that the design was “custom made to her exact measurements and height”.

This isn’t just star treatment though, every ‘Brazilian Swimsuit’ (£98 from is hand made to the buyer’s chosen measurements, cup size and colour.

If only all swimwear was that simple.

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