How To Fall Asleep Fast: Sleep Tips To Help You Nod Off

How To Fall Asleep Fast: Sleep Tips To Help You Nod Off

According to the NHS, most of the population have experienced difficulty in getting to sleep at some point. Plus, staggeringly, over a third of people in the UK regularly suffer from episodes of insomnia.

Previous studies have shown people in Scotland take 40 minutes to get to sleep on average while people in both England and Wales take 47 minutes.

So why as a nation are we finding nodding off so difficult?

Although insomnia can sometimes be due to underlying health conditions such as heart disease or hormone imbalance, stress and anxiety are the most common causes.

If you find your mind is still racing at bedtime, do not fear – a few simple lifestyle changes can help you to fall asleep more quickly.

According to the above video, exercise during the day can help you to get the sleep you need at night. Even moderate exercise, like going for a walk or taking the stairs instead of the lift, counts.

While lying in bed, you could also try tensing up your muscles one by one. Studies have shown this will help reduce fatigue and improve sleep quality.

Caffeine may also be to blame if you’re lying awake at night. Caffeine in coffee or tea stays in your system for up to five hours, so if you fancy a hot drink before bed, opt for milk or herbal tea instead.

Other tips include taking a bath before bed, smelling lavender and drinking cherry juice.

Watch the video above for more details, you’ll be catching those Zzzs in no time.

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